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Selling your Grundy Center property shouldn’t be a hassle, but often home owners find themselves under pressure to be available for showings 24/7. If an agency is selling your home, often it goes on a shared market and you’ll find that you’ll be dealing with multiple Grundy Center agents from different agencies. Having strangers parading in your home at all hours of the day can be more than a little stressful.

FSBO has its pros and cons. By being in total control of their home’s sale, they can determine when and who will take a private tour in their Grundy Center home, the final sale costs minus commission fees and be able to conduct negotiations quickly. A buyer has the opportunity to talk directly to the Grundy Center property owner to ask questions regarding the local amenities, Grundy Center schools, traffic, etc. Be sure to write up the contract via professional and have the home inspected and assessed.

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